The BookThe book Patient Sedation Without Medication was written to help healthcare professionals help their patients overcome the anxiety they feel when undergoing medical tests and procedures- without traditional medication.

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Patient Sedation Without Medication

Patient Sedation Without Medication
By Elvira Lang, MD and Eleanor Laser, PhD
230 pages


An additional bonus chapter is immediately available upon purchase. It provides an actual case example of how the separate rapport and hypnosis elements presented in Patient Sedation Without Medication can be sequenced and integrated to contribute to shaping a patient's total experience.

Lang and Laser really get it; patients’ fears, their helplessness when caught in the midst of medical procedures, and the huge need of patients to be treated with dignity and respect.

—Judy Foreman, Nationally Syndicated Health Columnist

Patient Sedation Without Medication is a book for every medical practitioner who wants to provide optimal patient comfort and reduce procedure time. It is sure to be a classic.

—Arreed Barabasz, PhD Editor of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Author of Hypnotherapeutic Techniques 2E

Frankly, I was a skeptic about procedure hypnosis until my own patients experienced successful interventions by Dr. Lang and her team utilizing the techniques described in Patient Sedation Without Medication. It really works! This book will be an outstanding resource for clinicians involved with procedures that otherwise would require sedation.

—Paul A. Church, MD  Urology Practice Associates, Boston, MA

Dr. Lang is a modern medical pioneer. In Patient Sedation Without Medication, she and Dr. Laser share how to apply their techniques during medical procedures. This book-based on solid science, good clinical wisdom, and common sense-will become the bible of patient care. Every physician, nurse, and medical technologist who reads it and absorbs its lessons will become a more humane and effective caregiver.

—Bruce N. Eimer, PhD  ABPP, Clinical Psychologist, Author

Patient Sedation Without Medication is a wonderful work that provides the clinician with specific ‘how to’ information for helping patients achieve comfort during medical procedures. Any healthcare provider wanting to help his or her patients be more comfortable would enjoy reading this book and applying the effective strategies that are so clearly described.

—Mark P. Jensen, PhD  Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington

Patient Sedation Without Medication provides a comprehensive guide to the use of hypnosis in a medical setting. It presents complex information in clear and concise manner and is a wonderful resource to the practicing clinician and the clinical educator.

—Kate Kravits, RN, MA, LPC, ATR-BC, HNB-BC, Senior Research Specialist, City of Hope, Duarte, California


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